The Letters Learned at the Farafina Workshop – Funmi Akinsola



A is for  how astonished you are when you receive Chimamanda’s email telling you are one of the lucky 24, minus one eventually, but not your one.

A is for Aslak, the teacher, who makes you think profoundly of your simple pieces, talking about the many other places in the human heart and homes you can take your story.


Breathe… Is what you try to do intermittently as nervousness and insecurity creep over you in the midst of these brilliant writers.


Chimamanda’s charm displaces your fears and makes you comfortable, not only on the first day but every day as you grow, searching your soul, finding your voice and speaking your truth.


Disbelief: is what you feel when the class breaks into applause at your Wangechi Mutu inspired story.


Insecurity is what you still feel sometimes: you feel like a fraud, wondering why you are here in the first place. Insecurity forms a ball in your throat and you begin to choke, choke until you give in to tears as you inform Bianyavanga- you don’t think – you are a good writer.


Kuku Kill Me is the slang for class and the title of the Farafina 16 short film.

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